Saturday, March 20, 2010

P2BK Buzz! Part1

You have to be there. You have to stand in the middle and take it all in. Feel the buzz and excitement tickling all over you. It was a wonderful event, exhausting, but wonderful. It was a herculean event. Fahad and I applaud the organizers for all their effort and kindness. I went through most of the booths and all of them were amazing! Unfortunately I didn't take pics to most of them, being busy and distracted most of the time.I wish to all the small budding business all the success and hope to see you again next year!
Make-up Studio
I call ejraaaaam! It is soo yummy!
Gelato Italiano
Beshet anyone?
Reem AlNisf & Muhalhel AlNisf
Velvet Cup, Very smooth and sweet!
Fabulous Fuddah AlAnjeri and her Glaze Cupcakes,
had them for breakfast and lunch! Abdulaziz! It didn't win :(

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