Monday, March 15, 2010

Guess What We're Up To??

These are the wonderful guys from TechnoGraphics
setting up our booth at P2BK 3. So! It isn't our usual ice cream theme design booth.
So what we at Gelato Italiano are up to????
Can you guess?
Those who guess right will have 1Kg of their favorite flavor
As a Prize ;)
UPDate: I edited what I posted to make it easier ;) Will announce it later this afternoon :)


  1. to me looks like a stadium maybe for the worldcup 2010;) i wanna try your ice cream but i do have to wait till i visit kuwait again:D

  2. or balloons !? ;/ I need one kilo of soya chocolate ice cream!

  3. ice cream or bonbons with the colors of the Kuwaiti flags!?

  4. if i guess right cant i get the prize?:P tickets to the world cup maybe :P

  5. Kuwaiti theme ice, green, white and black...don't know the flavors, but more than willing to test them out for you :D

  6. gona agree with chika and snow ...nd also me want bonbon's :)

  7. Every Little Thing... Nice meeting you today and I'm sorry I didn't know where my manners went and offer you any gelato... inshallah when you pass by tomorrow I'll make you sample all the flavors ;)

    Snow & Lemon-aid & Chika... worng!

    Desert Rose you got it about right :) Now I have to think of how to ship you some gelato ;)

  8. B&D... We're not going to display the Bonbons this time. But I'll bring some and keep them for you ;) When are you coming?