Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Only The Best For Me...Only Kakao!!!

I love Chocolate. I'm a confessed chocoholic, and my chubby cheeks attest to it. I love the best, and only demand the best. I'm very picky when it comes to chocolate. I don't eat any chocolates or the ones sold at super markets. I love gourmet and quality. There is few which I can count on my five finger, at the most three places, which I think are the best. Kakao the one and only. Kakao… the original brand, is one of the three. They are "MURDER" in a very very good way. You take a bite of their delicious chocolates and you are hooked for life. It is an addiction. It is a love affair. My personal favorites are The Pistachio Fudge and the Turtle. Fahad loves the Pistachio Fudge, we fought over the last piece the other day, WWF style ;p My kids love the oreo clusters, and there are many more I have yet to try. Kakao is a family owned and operated business that specializes in gourmet handmade dipped chocolates, confections and desserts. I love you guys oo 3asa allah la yefargkom :*** They have my complete admiration, because they only present the best quality product and they are full of delicious ideas. I love their packaging. I love their arrangements for occasions, elegant and chic. They are simply one of the best and I can't say more than that because you have to try and judge it for yourself.
Their Booth at P2BK.
Elegant Packaging ideal for gifting or just treating
yourself to something delicious!
That is one of my favorite arrangements.
It was made for last Ramadan.
Mother's Day arrangement
At P2BK, I went to their booth and got me a selection of
Oreo clusters, Raspberry Cheese Cake, Pistachio Fudge & Turtle. I was
given a discount ;p Something Mr. Abdulrazag doesn't usually give ;) Naaah
Joking! He gave me the Super Duper Discount!!!
By the time I was back home I was so tired and hungry, so I attacked
the chocolate boxes. Yep! my diet went South! But it was worth every
delicious bite!
Oreo Clusters

Raspberry Cheese Cake

My breakfast buddies... Qurs 3gaili dipped in chocolate
When I'm in a hurry, I grab my coffee and a couple of these
yummy mini cakes and I'm good to go!
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  1. c'est le meme endriot que tu m'en a parler? ca a l'aire bon.

  2. oui c'est le meme et c'est tres tres bon!!!!

  3. their chocolate is FANTASTIC mashallah

  4. We missed them..we were there but it was too crowded that we had to leave.. :( maybe next time will try it for sure..all that chocolate has got me hungry now :(

  5. Anon... Yes it is FANTASTIC! and quality chocolate.

    B&D...Next inshallah you should try it! or you can order from them a selection box for KD5 if I'm not mistaken. It is also a good gift for your mama ;)