Sunday, March 21, 2010

My Mood

Belle (Garou, Daniel, Patrick) This is a very sexy song ;)


  1. ooh wow,,
    french men ooh lalala,,
    seriously i dont understand it but would love to know what is the song about??
    did u studied at the french school??
    i would really love to study french, i go to paris every year but i dont know much just a little,,if you have any idea i would be really appreciated ,,thx sweetie
    yeah and my mommy loves you

    i saw you at the P2Bk but i couldnt come and say hi cuz there was lots of ppl there mashaállah :)

  2. Mimi... Thank you Sweetie :* I wish you came :)
    There is Berlitz for languages, I go there to freshen up my language from time to time and they are really good better than voltaire.
    My kids go to the french school here. So it also helps me parcticing ;)
    Oh!! This is a love song very long and beautiful, a bit on edge of propriety ;p
    BTW... I love the your mom too... Who is she? Do I know her? :p

  3. :)
    yeah my mom knows you from your hubby side she is a cousin of your mother in law :)
    see,, and i told her about your blog and she said ooh mimi this is one of the sweetest girl i ever knew :)
    hey where is this Berlitz? do you have there number??
    thx babe

  4. LOL!!! Our country is small! Who'd know I have a relative who follows my blog ;p My best regards to your mom! :*
    Berlitz fee Bnaid AlGar before Flex Family. Unfortunately I don't have their number at the momment. But I highly recommend them :)

  5. Oh la! Ca! c'est tres sexy! j'adore cette chanson!!!!

  6. yeah
    what a small world :)
    and i love it here,,i didnt tell no one,,so its our secret (shush)
    wish u all the best sweetie,, and when i see u again im gonna come say hello