Saturday, March 6, 2010

Walkathon For Autism

During the weekend I was very depressed because of the dust storm and even if there was a hint of dust I can't join the race, which I was really looking forward to. As some, who follows my posts, know I've been working very hard to get fit for today's walkathon. The walkathon was an incentive to my exercise schedule. It is my first race in a very very long time. I don't expect to win, but I don't want a cramped muscle halfway through the race. Luckily late Friday night the storm passed and the weather beautifully cleared promising a wonderful Saturday morning. Like an excited child I was up by 6.30am showered, dressed, woke up the kids and started warming up. 8.30am we were in the car and heading to Kuwait Towers where the race will begin and ends at Souq Sharg. It wasn't a long race only 1.5km about 15-20min walk. It is my first ever race as an adult. As a teen I used to participate in a lot of sports and competitions, but as I grew older I became more of bookworm than an athlete. I wasn't the only one thrilled about the event. When we arrived and as soon as I got out of the car, I could feel the excitement and energy buzzing in the air. I took a moment looking around me. People of every age, gender and nationality were present. There were those who were serious competitors and those for the fun of it, but the most important part regarding the event was spreading awareness about Autism, and I can't believe the number of people, groups and organizations who came in support for the cause. Mr.Bibi who heads the General Culture Education club and La Radio de la Longue Française a Kuwait was already there waiting for us with his sons, Ilyes and Sophian. As soon as we arrived he went over with the boys the line of questioning and started interviewing organizers and participants about the Walkathon and Spreading Awareness about Autism. Soon I'll post links for the interviews they made. The walkathon started and everyone rushed to reach the end of the race. I didn't rush, I took my time taking in the whole experience. There was this old "Mubarga3a" lady who was in the race because her children has autism, she was walking beside me and talking about her children. I swear it was heart wrenching to hear what she had to say. I really admire her courage and patience as a mother and made me think of the number of times I yell at Abdulaziz and Ahmed during a single hour. We reached the end. It was nice to finish a race whether you're the first or last. My thigh cramped on me for reasons I'll mention about at the end of the post after the pictures. It was a beautiful blessed day, very well organized and everyone was great, filled with excitement, energy and love for a worthy cause.
Abdulaziz and Yousef
(Yousef is Azoz'z best friend. He is a second son to me.
They look like each other so much people think them twins )
Ilyes Bibi a very cutey clever little guy!
Sophian got to love that hair!!! Amazing Gathering for a worthy cause.
Girls Scouts chanting. Love their spirit!
Mr.Bibi going over the line of questioning with
the boys before the interview.
Kuwaiti Boys Scout being interview and they
sang national songs for us.
Interviewing one of the members of the Boys Scout
about their participation in the event
The Walkathon begins.
Yousef & Abdulaziz sending their love
A long line ahead. More than 1000 participants.
Reaching the end.
Reaching the end and they were soo happy and proud
about it.
Handicapped young men. Got to love and admire
their spirit in participating in the race.
Sheikh Ahmed AlAbdullah AlSabah,
presiding on the event, with Ambassadors
and other dignitaries.
The cups for the winners.
Unfortunately I couldn't take more pictures because
1- The battery of my cam was empty. 2- The boys drove me crazy.
When the race started, Abdulaziz started running, then Yousef followed and the children of Mr. Bibi, Ilyes and Sophian were after them. There were still some cars passing by and I being the neurotic mother that I am, images of crazy drivers hitting my boys started flashing before my eyes. I tensed and my thigh cramped. If it wasn't for their teacher Mr. Bibi running after them I would have fainted where I was standing. It was a mild cramp nothing to prevent me to from finishing the race. It still hurts though. However, I'm hooked. If there is another walkathon, I'd like to participate in it. I don't have to win but the adrenaline rush and exhilaration was amazing. I'm not taking the boys with me again.


  1. Wow! Sounds like great fun! There is the NBK walkathon coming up, register at The Scientific Center, and the World Water Day walk, on March 19 at The Scientific Center.

  2. Yeah it was fun! Thanks I'll check them out, although the 19 March would be pretty busy for me. But I'll see ;)

  3. Thanks dfor walking with us for this great cause :*

    Fatma Ebrahim

  4. Bravo! et tu ne me dit pas???

  5. Fatmia It was pure pleasure. Will post the link of the interviews soon inshallah :)

    Monmon...lo teg3edeen al9eb7 chan geltlich ;)