Monday, March 29, 2010

Our Favorite Snack!

A favorite Snack!!
Isn't he delicious! Yum! ...mmm I ment the snack ;p
My kids, like all hyper active hanging on the curtains monkey kids, love to snack. So I try to mix the good and the not so very bad kind of snacks for them. Among, which, I consider the good, is Kiri's mini grissini and cheese snacks. They love it! I love it! and sometimes I add a teaspoon of honey, or cut some cucumbers and carrots on the side for them to dip in along with the grissini, and since both are very competitive, I make a competition on who eats the most carrots and cucumbers ;) When it is out of stock at Sultan, it's because of me! I buy all that I can find on the counter ;)


  1. i love kiri...we use to eat alot as kids but didnt eat for a while now...i didnt even notice they had this ...did u get it from TSC ? :)

  2. Yeah I got it from TSC... you can find them at Hawalli and Sharg most of the time.