Wednesday, March 31, 2010

What is that?

Ma39ooma... I love you, love your brilliant mind, but
I'm wondering about this gesture you're it a parliamentary Time Out...
or is it "7ara"?
The world will see this picture and what would they think??
"Ya7lailhom 7areem AlKuwait, AlNa2bat alFathelat!!! Still using these antiquated & ignorant gestures."
I hope I'm wrong and its a Time Out ;p


  1. والله عاد كنت ابي اكتب عن هالشغله حسيت انه مو بمجلس

    صراحه شغل هلاقه اللي اشوفه وخوش عضوه تمثل الشعب اذا حركاتها جذيه وتفكيرها جذيه

    مساكين اللي مرشحينها توهقوا فيها

    الله يعين بس

  2. سوالف سوق الحريم!! مو جلس خمه... سوري قصدي امه :p

  3. I think its normal given the fact that you would see MUCH worse in other parliaments around the world... She was doing it to Faisal AlMusallam BTW. And for anonymous who is saying its "Sowalif Soug Al Hareem" check today's papers for AlBarrak and AlSar3awi o shoof el sab and name calling!! Bas zahbeeen to point fingers at the women!!!

  4. Ansam, what i think is this, no matter what happens in most parliaments around the world, or the name calling that is happing in our parliament,these 4 women are a minority, they repersent the women of this country, I think they should conduct with more dignity than al7wash that are around them fee almajles. It is bad enough for us being pictured by bad actors on TV, we don't want the one solid thing which represent our identity to look bad.
    I know this gesture was for Faisal AlMusallam, which in my opinion is 7uthala, but I still feel these 4 women should be bigger than al7awash around them.
    Al7egran yega6e3 alme9ran! ;) Or what do you think?

  5. Yajema3a it was a J/K , tal6eef 7ag el jaw bel3aks mafeha shay o masawat shay o b3dain law hal 7araka emsawyat'ha aseel or rola chan gelna bas ma39oma ghair , ekfaya esemha MA39OMA :P o in the picture aslan shakelha 3ady mafeh shay chenha Yadda hehehe fa la takhethna el 3a6efa o neg3ad en7aseb elnas 3ala adnaat el doon o lazem eykonon nafs el white queen in alice & the wonderland , 3al aqal ehya a7san mn rola-dashti in my opinion
    Rola-Dashti was Daga o ma tewaqa3t etkon chethy temanait'ha etkon afthal mn chethy And i really think Aseel was the best mn bain bajy el 7areem .
    Thanks for the post :]

  6. ma kanat el 7araka maqsooda kanat 3ala the7ek thats why I dont see anything wrong with it!