Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A Hole in my Heart

Let me tell you a story. The past two days I wasn’t feeling that well. Stress and a little doubt are weighing me down. Working on a new recipe and can't get the flavor right. It is for one of our top clients and we have to send him a sample this Thursday. Abdulaziz has two tests this week and he is stressing me more. Alwalad hatha ma'7the alderasa le3eb. It is a shame there isn't a Military school here in Kuwait. I'd be the first parent to enroll her kids in it. Anyway, I'm so tired I decided to steal an extra hour of sleep this morning before I got up for work. The AC is still not on and it was a bit stuffy. So Fahad opened the window for me. A cool breeze blew in and with the sounds of traffic outside I was lulled back to sleep. Twenty minutes later I hear a screech then a big boom! I got up and looked outside the window. One single car badly damaged from the front. I can't see the other one from the angle of where I was standing. Cars slow down but none stop to assist the people who were hit. I waited and no one stopped!!! It really burned a hole in my heart! I call the driver and ask him to see to the people in the car and assist them. He tells me there is a lady in the pretty banged up car, and a man in the car which I couldn't see. He calls 777. They respond quickly by sending an ambulance and seconds later a squad car joins them. A male nurse jumps from out of the ambulance and rushes to the car. He assists a tiny lady out. She was leaning heavily on him. The poor lady looked so small and venerable I wanted to scream at the people. Since when people stopped helping other people here in Kuwait??? E7na derat al'7air oo el3a6a, and we don't pass a chance in helping people. It appalled me that no one stopped their cars to look and help! The worst emotion is indifference! Being indifferent starts the decline of humanity!
My Cam wasn't charged so I took these with my mobile.


  1. la7ol! wa7na ya Metkawdeen 3ala el 7adeth ya ma7ad wagef ? :/

  2. Sheft eshloon!! and a poor woman is in the car! It is a shame!

  3. She was taken into the ambulance the poor lady.. I hope nothing serious.