Sunday, March 21, 2010

I Totally Love Totally Fish!

For the past week Fahad and I didn't have a proper meal. I was craving fish!! and since "ana metnasiya" the fish prepared by our cook John (it is really good, but I just can't eat it)...the only fish I have is at restaurants or from my parents home. The weather was amazing yesterday and the kids were away at their grandparents home. I was at a meeting and starving so I send a message to Fahad back at the office. "Do you want to eat out?" "Ok. Where?" "Totally Fish?" "Fine, Pick you at 1." Yaaaay! Meeting done! I head back home and he picks me up. We go to Totally Fish at Marina Crescent. I just love it there. It reminds me of my youth when we vacation in Dauville, a seaside resort in France, lined with seafood restaurants on the beach. So Fahad and I share a shrimp Cesar salad. He orders the Surf and Turf, Lobster and Steak with a side of corn cobs and baked potato which he switched for regular fries. I got to taste the stake it was delicious and tender filled with flavor. I ordered the Pomfret Sweet and Sour and Batata Harra. I didn't want my fish to finish. The food was amazing and delicious. The weather was incredible, the staff very friendly. The manager brought us burned coffee beans which chased away the flies but we ended smelling like burned coal in a "Dewah".
I took the pics with my mobile and I apologize for the quality in advance.
Shrimp Cesar Salad
Pomfret Sweet & Sour
It was soo good I had to take another picture
Surf & Turf, Steak and Lobster with a side of
fries and corn cobs.
Batata Harra very delish!


  1. we havent tried Totally fish yet!! maybe in near future...howz their shrimp collection..the Surf & Turf, Steak and Lobster sounds and looks delicious!! i might try that :)

  2. I love it! it is a treat for me when I go there. It is all so good! I also love their New Orleans Fish and Chips. There is a little spice in them than the regular British fish and chips.