Thursday, March 25, 2010

Little Tidbits Here and There

Me Time at Spa Time!!!

So after the craziness of March, we come to a close, hopefully April will be calmer. I earned few hours of pampering and rest. So I booked a couple hours of indulgence at Spa Time, Muhalab. I haven't been there for awhile and I just missed it! I missed how addicted I am to it. I had the Exotic Lemon and Ginger glow with a 1 hour massage where I literarily snored! It was pure bliss!

Note to self: More Me Time in the upcoming months

Quarrel I overheard While heading back to my car, I stood for a moment browsing the window at Nine West. I heard two girls, sounding very much like tenhwe9 7alima Poland, arguing. "Laish 3a6aiti raqmi?" Number 1 said. "Eshfeeha? Entay et3arfeen 6areq mo '3areeb 3alaich." Number 2 replied. "7eta lo. Ma twaz3een raqmi 3ala shabab." Number 1 insisted. "Yeba bas '7ala9 lawa3tay chabdi! oo estsameen nafsich refeejti?" Number 2 snapped. I turn to have a look at the two girls and one of them storms off. "Bas '7ala9 ta3ali!" and the other follows her. Since eni dasha 3arth 3ala al conversation between them. I didn't know what it was really about except one of the girls etwaze3 the number of her friend to boys. Number 1 is a door mat!

My LBB (Little Black Book)

I keep a diary, where I write everything in it, from reminders and plans, to do lists, and emotions when I'm in one of my bad moods. It is a little moleskin brand black note book and it drives Fahad crazy when he finds me so engrossed into it. He wants to know what I'm writing in it. To make matters worse I keep it in places where he can see it. Even if he opens it, he can't read my handwriting. It is horrible and cursive. I like torturing him ;p Bragging! I deserve to brag a little, after standing endless hours on high torturous heels and keeping an unwavering smile on my face. I really deserve to brag! My friend Alia calls me the other evening to congratulate me on the work we made at P2BK. She tells me her friends won't stop raving about our gelato and the flavors are incredible and fresh! And what a wonderful and charming person I am ;p (I know… mada7 nafsa yabeela rafsa ;p) I remembered her friends when she mentioned their names to me. They had their own booth at P2Bk, but it didn't stop them from coming for a break at Gelato Italiano. I highly apreciaate it! And Alouya you made my day! :*


  1. I did that same treatment a couple of days ago and still left stressed! Hahahaha I need one after the wedding inshalla

  2. You defenitly need one after al loya! Tell me when and I'll join you ;)

  3. Give me a day and I'll book the large room, how about that? or do you want seperate rooms?