Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Picnic Weekend

A while back I got myself a picnic set from Debenhams, a beautiful whicker basket with plate, glass and cutlery set, a matching cooler bag and a rug, and for a long time I imagined filling the basket with goodies and go picnicking with the kids at Marina Crescent or maybe at Shaab park or even put a nice little tent in the desert ;p

Well as the weather got better, I was determind that as soon as I had the time I will give my new picnic set a try. Last weekend the weather turned out to be fabulous! I woke up in the morning and told the boys to get ready and call their friend and see if he wants to join us.

It was such an impormtu picnic. At first I thought I was out of my head because I haven't planned for anything. I took a deep breath and said everything will work out. I already have chopped fruits in the fridge, a pound cake I bought the day before, candy, water, juice and chocolate milk we're never out of. I only made the chai latte and decided to buy the main meal from Zaatar w Zait. We took the bikes the ball and other outdoor games with us.

It was a good plan! As it turned out, the weather was amazing, the food very yummy and most important the boys experienced something new and had a lot of fun!

"Mama... we want to picnic every week!" They said to me after we returned home. Better go on a picnic and be active in the open air than cooped up in one of the arcades.

Inside the basket

Inside the cooler. I filled it with ice
to keep the drinks cool, and it is big
to store a lot of things besides the drinks

All set and ready! I love my new set.
 But Ahmed decided to spill some chocolate milk on the rug,
I've been trying to clean it up ever since but the stain wouldn't go.

Picnic breakfast from Zaatar w Zait. Love their food.
We had an open egg and cheese pizza, margharita, Zaatar, 
and haloum and veggies sandwiches.

Here are the boys. Loving thier frist picnic experience.

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