Sunday, November 18, 2012

Delicious LuScious

Few weeks ago, I hope not too long ago. I was invited to the opening of LuScious Store at AlTijariya Tower, by the one and only gorgeous Hala Abu AlHassan also known as Dudette from Haji Dude Blog. In the store she presents her fashionable designs made from different fabrics and textures in gorgeous eye catching colors. And for a person who loves colors I went gaga. They are the kind of clothing you'd wear going out with friends or at receptions or just to feel good lounging at home. Yeah... I do that sometimes, I put on my best dress and lounge around home ;p  Amazing job Hala :) Mashallah!

I really do recommend you stop by the store  at AlTijariya Mall Mizzanine for something hip and extravagant in color and fabrics. It is a very Delicious LuScious!  

Gorgeous Hala <3 font="font">

I loved this dress. Loved! Loved! Loved it!

Gorgeous colorful dresses, tops and pants.
Not to be missed!

You can also find very exquisite accessories.
I took two of theserings...
can you guess which ones?

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