Sunday, December 6, 2009

Yousef Al Alyan Journalism Prize 2009

Abdulaziz and a couple of his friends are part of a Private General Culture Education club, where they learn about everything, from arts to sciences and history. They learn what the teachers in school have no time or interest to teach them. Recently they've been reading a book called "Le Mur" by Angel Esteban and wrote a documentary report and recorded a short presentation about the book on their blog Radio LFK (La Radio de la Langue Française au Kowiet). Then their tutor M. Reda Bibi submitted the presentation to Yousef Al Alyan (RIP) First Journalism competition. The award ceremony was held at Crown Plaza Hotel and was presided by Kareema Yousef Al Alyan. The Honorary guest was Sheikh Fahad Salem Ali Al Sabah and other dignitaries.
We were sitting on edge waiting for their names to be called out and couldn't believe it when they did. They won second prize in the Primary school Journalism category. Of course Azoz made a show of it when he won. To him it's like winning the World Cup! And his father and I we're so proud of him and his friends!
This is a link to the small presentation they submitted,


  1. Wow Dalal! That's great! You guys should be bursting with pride :)

  2. HI UmmFaisal... very very much! you should have seen Fahad's face ;p sooo proud!