Sunday, November 1, 2009

Flavor Suggestions

We want your ideas and suggestions in coming up with new inventive flavors for the winter Season.
We will try them and if they do work. We will name the flavor after the person who suggested it ;)
So come on people!!! Don't hesitate and share your idea with us ;)


  1. Okay I am thinking holidays season and going crazy over imagining flavors such as eggnog, apple cider (or maybe apple pie?).... pumpkin! But you already came up with that flavor! Hmmmmm

    How about chili and chocolates! Its winter and chili is firey hahahaha

    My sister tried corn ice cream in China and she said it was so so so good!

    There is also the Italian cookies pizzelles!! Or waffles!

    OK I will stop now hahahaha

  2. Did I say ginger bread???

  3. "Funky Monkey" = peanut butter, chocolate and bana-na ;p

  4. mint+chocolate chunks+caramelized pecans all together

  5. Mangosteen and Lychees

    Mimmi (Ansam's sister)

  6. Thank you all for your suggestions. I will keep them in mind

    Mimi.. We tried lychees few months ago, because we use fresh lychees it didn't come out right most of the time. so we stopped making it. Now tell me what is Mangosteen?

    Ghadeer we have mint with chocolate chip... but I will suggest the choco chunks to the boss. Inshallah we'll be introducing pralines as toppings soon. :)

    Chika... its going to be the
    Funky Monkey Bana-na ;p

    Finally Somsom... (the ice cream addict :*)
    Thank you for all of your suggestions. And yes we have chocolate chile gelato.

  7. Black cherries (whole) in vanilla bean with marshmellow topping....unbelievable.

    chocolate with fudge chunks :D