Sunday, November 22, 2009

Movie Night

For a while I wanted to do something for Azoz whose been nagging me about inviting his friends. I wanted to do something fun and interesting for them. Then I read on Ansam's blog about the movie night she had with her friends. I liked the idea and decided to organize a movie night. I had few movies I've ordered from Amazon France which I haven't played for my kids yet. I made Azoz decide which movie he wanted to watch with his friends and he chose Les Trois Brigands. I got some nachos and popcorn and I ordered a kid friendly dinner from MUNCH, which I highly recommend. The food arrived on time and it was simply delicious!! Kids and adults loved it! Oh Yes! I got them a dancing mat from Fantasy World which occupied them after the movie until dinner time. All in all they had a lot of fun!

The invitation card. I got it from Partyland.

The fun part about it was you have to assemble the card.

It was a funny animation movie based on a book the

kids read in first grade
Salty popcorn, Caramel popcorn and Nachos
On the side plastic cups with covers and straws for the juice
(I got the idea from Ansam's blog)
The huge TV Screen. I was playing Zorro until
all the kids arrived.
Popcorn boxes which the kids really loved.
Cesar Salad from MUNCH
Fries made by the cook at home
Pink Pasta from MUNCH... really loved it!
Pasta in White sauce and mushrooms from MUNCH
Mini pepperoni and margarita pizzas from MUNCH
Mini Burgers From MUNCH... which were delicious!
The only downside was I misplaced my camera and didn't take pictures of the dessert.
I made chocolate cupcakes with chocolate ganache and brought the spaghetti machine
from Gelato Italiano and made spaghetti vanilla gelato with two kind of toppings of mini M&M and Oreo cookies, with chocolate or strawberry sauce.
Inshallah next time I take pictures of it.

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