Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I'm bit slow in my posts… yeah…I'm just dead tired! I still can't feel my feet ;p Anyway, there was so much to see at P2BK this year, unfortunately I didn't have the opportunity to look at other booths. Our booth was in the Food Court section at the back of the hall and somewhat isolated from the rest of the event. Sometimes I get astonished when I see all the hype and energy on the other side. Regrettably I didn't have the time to browse 3ala ra7ty like last year's event. However this is what I managed to snap when I had the time and remembered to bring my cam. along ;p
Abdulaziz at the Venyooo's booth trying
to catch some money inside the Cash Tent ;p
I loved the flower arrangements on the tables in
the food court...
Sssssss Snake! Our favorite place in Kuwait, The Scientific Center
their booth was there and brought different animals everday.
Abdulaziz and Ahmed visited their booth every day ;p
Cute Hedgehog... Abdulaziz wanted to keep him as a pet But when he saw what the hedgehog had for a snack
"Slimy Worms"... he quickly changed his mind ;p
(see him on the corner of the pic covering his eyes)
Special Thanks to the event orgnaizers, Mr. Thari AlWazzan, Mr. Mishary Al Abdulmuhsin, Ms. Hanan AlGhanim, Ms. Bedour AlShakhs and the young man who I didn't catch his name, who whenever I ask him for something he tells me
"Min 3yooni althintain"... teslamli 3yoonik o ye5aleek 7ag ahalek.
Thank You! for making it effortless and I know how big and crazy it can get.
Thank you to all who stopped by our booth! I hope you all liked our product.

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