Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Of Note at P2BK....

Of Note… If you are passing by P2Bk… be sure to check out Tashkeil which gorgeous accessories and leather goods. I just love it! And La Collage, where you can display your memories in beautiful framed works. A great gift for Mother's Day!
I'm so in love with their leather goods. Passport covers
and handbags.
La Collage
La Collage's booth at P2BK


  1. Hey Dalal, we're so glad you liked our products at the P2BK exhibition! Thx for mentioning us in your post :)

  2. Hiba Dernaika
    Amazing products from Tashkeil... Love all the designs....

  3. Tashkeil... Your welcome...It is a product worth mentioning! can't wait until your website is up ;)
    Hiba... all the designs are wonderful...and you can pick your own design and colors ;)