Thursday, March 24, 2011

Gelato's New Flavors

Pass by this weekend and try our newest flavors. Spring Flowery flavors in Jasmine and Rose (Big hit at P2BK) Cheese Cake Milk & Honey.
Stay tuned! The Gelato Season has just begun and
more new flavors to come ;)


  1. waaai! id really looooove to try the honey&milk! thank goodness its summer already, I'm going to have a "Geleato" gelato gathering as an excuse to eat as much flavors as possible:P

  2. I tried the snickers and mint/lemon at P2BK it was good! :D

  3. the boudoir... the honey milk is so lovely!!! It reminds me of when I kiss my babies so sweet and delicious ;p

    r.alsharif...don't tell me you passed by and didn't say Hi!!!! glad you like those flavors... Lemon Mint is my baby...the first flavor I worked on when I took over in the factory ;p

  4. I went 3la a5er youm, o bes kaan aku 2 guys working in the stand :P La bes kaan wayed 7ilo, and i have a suggestion, try making red velvet gelato, kan aku another gelato thing yamkum bes mathbi6o :P I think that would also be a hit!