Thursday, January 28, 2010

Deema's Tonsils

My sister Deema... had an operation yesterday removing her unnaturally large tonsils. According to doctors, they are five times larger than the normal tonsils, and they were blocking her airway which was giving her a hard time to breath. She went to few renowned doctors here in Kuwait and none of them seemed to help. One of them gave her acid reflux medication. Last month she was in London and decided to go for a check up while she was there and she showed him the medication given to her by this well known doctor in Kuwait. The British Doctor looked confused and said, "This is interesting. What does acid medication got to do with infected tonsils?" He told her that since its been a long time she was having trouble with them, they had to be removed. So she decided to have here. A visiting doctor from Germany removed them for her.
As hard as I tried to shake the little bottle to show
you her tonsils, they were still hiding. Maybe next time I'll put them
on a plate.
Infected and enlarged tonsils

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