Friday, January 29, 2010

A Day at the Avenues

It has been a very long day! It was a day of food, and I'd better be a good girl tomorrow ;) First thing in the morning, had to rush for a meeting, on my way out Ahmed was already dressed, so I took him with me. Yes, I take my kids with me to meetings. I had a bottle of AlMara3ie orange juice for breakfast and Special K Protein water mix in Lemonade flavor. I love it and it's so invigorating. By the time I was done with the meeting and few errands I was starving. Fahad picked us up and we headed to Avenues. We went to Lorenzo for lunch. The kids had pizza and penne with bolognaise, Fahad and I shared a mixed salad. He had Roberto Piccata Limone and I had the Grilled Sole with Lemon sauce and veggies, the best sole in all of Kuwait. If you haven't tried it, then you better do. I just love love love it! When I was pregnant I had it every week! We decided to pass on dessert and have it somewhere else. We dropped the kids at Barouie and continued on to phase two. I wanted to try Pinkberry I haven't tried it since it opened. It was good, but I liked the Yogurberry in Duabi better, it had more flavor to it. We stopped at Dean & Deluca and browsed through the many goodies they have. There were so many things I wanted to buy from there but I have to be realistic I won't use them all, and some of the items, like pestos and pastes I like doing them at home. I was looking for their Madlains but they seemed out of it. I ended buying Pasta flavored in mushrooms and truffles, and another flavored in truffles. Now I have to figure out a recipe that would go well with it. We picked the kids from Barouie and headed back the same way we came from. We stopped at Paul. I love their pastries. It reminds me of my childhood in Paris. Abdulaziz chose a Gourmandise Pain au Chocolat for him and his brother. I chose some Éclair and a slice of Flan pie. It is all very very YUMMY, deliciously sweet and light. Do you like bitter sweet chocolate? On the way out, we stopped at Galler Chocolates, and I bought cold bitter chocolate drink. Amazing!!! Even Ahmed liked it. He has his mama's taste in food ;) Before we reached the parking lot, Abdulaziz insisted to checkout something in Ikea. So we went there, we didn't find what he wanted but I found this cute mini Kitchen for kids. My babies love to cook with me, but this kitchenette is too small for them, but if you have babies or you want to gift it to someone it would be perfect. There is also mini glasses, tea set, mini utensils. They are all soo cute!
Ahmedan acting up. He would only eat under the table.
So I fed him while he was sitting under the table :s
Abdulaziz "Casanova the ladies man" ;) Beware ladies he is
a heart breaker.
Roberto Piccata Limone. Fahad's favorite and it is very
My Grilled Sole with Lemon Sauce and veggies.
People at Lorenzo should name it after me ;p I was surprised with the portion. It was more than what
they usually serve. Shared it with Ahmed.
Pinkberry, it was good, but I liked the Yogurberry better.
If you happen to be in Dubai give it a try.
Cold Bitter Chocolate drink, from Galler chocolate.
Mini Kitchenette from Ikea. Baking set, tea set and glasses
are additional.

Gourmandise Pain au Chocolat from Paul.

Éclair and a slice of Flan pie from Paul. Just had a small

bite from the Éclair and it was YUMMY!

Mushroom and Truffle Pasta and Truffle Pasta.

Any suggestions for a recipe?

Now I feel exhausted and ready for bed ;)


  1. one day btshofeen wa7da maynoona yaya 3nd 3yalich oo lamaat'hom ehablooooooon mashallah allah y5aleehom lich 3ad etha shfteeha know its me;p

  2. LOL! It would be my and of course their pleasure... my boys love girls ;p Thank you sweetie :***