Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sandra Brown : Play Dirty

About the Book Play Dirty isn’t a story about professional football, although it's about an NFL player. More specifically an ex-player, who (you’re way ahead of me here) played dirty and got caught. The story opens the day that Griff Burkett, former all-star quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys, is released from prison after serving a five year sentence in federal prison for racketeering. But all that is just background to set up the real story, which is about what Griff is going to do now, now that he’s a fallen star, banned from the league, and reviled by those who once cheered him. Have I mentioned that he’s also flat broke and fresh out of prospects? Well, he does have one. And this job opportunity is a doozy. It’s easy work and there’s lots of money to be made. Seem too good to be true? (You’re way ahead of me again.) Despite his misgivings, Griff accepts the offer extended to him by mega-millionaire Foster Speakman and his wife, Laura. But in this game, Griff isn’t calling the plays, as he did as quarterback. And watching from the sideline, waiting for him to fumble, is his nemesis, Stanley Rodarte, a ruthless enemy with a score to settle. Nobody plays by the rules, and soon Griff finds himself in a game where winning will cost him the woman he loves, and losing will cost him his life.
What I thouhgt
It was a slow read for me. Maybe because as hard as I did, I couldn't like the characters. Griff was dump and Laura an emotionless doormat. There was no chemistery between them and the emotions they felt for one another, felt forced between them. I liked every book I've read for Sandra Brown, but this not so much. I hope the next one I will read will be better.


  1. well i like reading , but i hate this kind of books

  2. Then what kind of books do you like to read?