Monday, January 25, 2010

Do You Wear High Heels? Do these stretches ;)

If you're only interested in stretching your arches and toes, just rest your palms on your thighs instead of doing the triceps part of this stretch. Kneel on a mat or carpet.
Tuck your toes toward your knees and then slowly lower your pelvis to your heels. If this is intense just stay here, but if you want to add the triceps stretch, then reach your right arm overhead and your left arm behind your lower back. Bend both elbows and try to touch your fingers together. If it's easy, clasp your fingers together. Stay here for at least 30 seconds (or release when you've had enough) and then slowly lift your hips off your heels, point your toes away from your knees, and sit back down on your heels to stretch the tops of your feet. Repeat for a second time and if you did the triceps stretch on the right side, now switch and do it on the left.
Stretch out your shins and the tops of your feet with this move. Cross your left ankle over your right with your toes pointed to the right. Bend your right knee to increase the stretch for the top of the left foot. Hold for 15 to 30 seconds then straighten the right knee; repeat before switching sides.
Here's a more intense stretch that will not only target your feet and calves, but also your hip flexors, which get tight when you wear heels. Kneel on the ground and place your right toes on the wall as high as you can with your heel on the floor. Place your hands on the ground on either side
of your front thigh and step your left leg back, coming into a low lunge with your left knee on the floor. Keep your left foot flexed so you can stretch out this foot as well. Gaze forward and press your hips forward to increase
the stretch in your right foot and left hip flexor. Hold for 30 seconds and then switch sides.
Give the bottoms of your feet and your tight calves some love with this easy stretch. Sit on the floor with both legs straight out in front of you. Fold a hand towel in half and hold on to either end with each hand. Hook the middle of the towel around the ball of your right flexed foot. Bend your elbows back and pull the towel toward your chest while keeping your right leg straight, but don't jam the back of your knee into the floor. To increase the stretch in your calf, bend your right knee slightly. Hold here for 30 seconds and then do this stretch with the left foot.
Here's a soothing solution to sore, achy arches. Fill a reusable water bottle halfway with ice cubes. Then fill the bottle with cold water. Place the bottle on a towel to collect condensation, and place the arch of your bare foot on the middle of the bottle. Rock your foot forward and back, rolling the bottle underneath. Apply as much pressure as you want, and continue this for a few minutes. Repeat with the other foot.
Happy Stretching ;)


  1. ra7 agol 7ag el walda inshallah but chena she's too old 2 do this things :I

  2. No one is too old to start exercising ;)

  3. Eeeee walah we really need these stretches :/

  4. Try the icy water bottle after a wedding party spent in high aching heels or just a long day standing in high heels...I swear by it ;)