Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Playground

Tried and tested. I take my kids to the playground near our home everyday after school with their bikes and their football. I let them run yell and scream to their hearts content for an hour. This experiment started during the Christmas holidays and I found my Abdulaziz less vigorous and concentrates better with his homework and in school.
The weather is beautiful. So take advantage of it and let your little ones enjoy it.


  1. where is that>? looks really nice.. i wish i see more parents doing what your are doing .. playground are an excellent parenting tool .. kids learn so much about freedom, manners, sharing, taking turns.. etc

  2. That's an image I got from the net. But I do take them to a playground near Marina cresent or the one next to scientific center. Yes, it is really good to build social skills and confidence.

  3. Oh...and I have boys. I'm obliged to think of ways to entertain them actively or you'll see them hanging on the curtains :p