Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Entertaining With Gelato Italiano

Entertain your family & friends with Gelato Italiano.
With the many gatherings and social obligations you
want to present something different to impress your guests.

You can always fill small cups with your favorite flavors...
Or buy in bulk and fill it up with your special cups
at home and freeze them before your guests arrive.
It is what I always do :)

 Since we opened in 2001 we make sure in producing quality product. We concentrate on producing true
flavors for every kind of gelato.
If you have an event you can always order a freezer
with your favorite flavors :)

 You don't want the hassle of filling up cups? Again...you can always fill the cups we have at the store with your favorite flavors :)
for your Iftar or Ghabga :) or just simply to indulge yourself.

 Awaken your inner child :) with Gelato Sticks!
We have a number of flavors available at the store :)
Treat yourself and your kids with it.
My favorite is the chocolate & strawberry Gelato stick :)

 Many festive colors :)

 You can always bring your platter and ask the barista to fill it up for you with scoops of your favorite flavors, like this one which was filled with Ramadan flavors for a friend of mine :)
It looked adorable.

Or you can place an order for Gelato Bonbons...
Bite size gelato covered with your choice of chocolate covering.
I advice you place your order few days in advance
to garantee it to be ready on time. Minimum 30 piece :)

If you have anything in mind. Our employees can always
help you, or you can leave your number at the store
and the staff will forward it to us, and Fahad or I will
contact you and see how we can help :)


  1. Gelato italiano is great! i LOVE it and ur ramadan flavors!
    Alaah ewafgich inshala!

  2. Thank you Chirp :) allah yewafeg aljamee3 inshallah :)

  3. ketabt comment ma 6ala3:o 9arli cham youm mtnasya abi gelato bs hal mowajeeb mu rathya it5alis inshallah thursday bamur a5thli:D

  4. Sugar...Inshallah :) and tweet what you bought :)

  5. i tweeted il bonbons shfteehom?

  6. No...where did you tweet them? @Um3azoz?

  7. ee:( tadreen shlon i will post about it;)