Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Books Review

 Are you having nightmares about school starting? I know I am! I've been having nightmares from the beginning of this week, and I am not as excited about it as I used to be every year. Usually this time of year, my kids school things, uniforms, bags and books, are ready in their cupboards. This year...well as I said, I'm not excited about it at all and I haven't prepared anything yet.
Anyway! If you have rowdy kids... like mine... this book is a very good one! I know it is a book for kids who are struggling with ADHD or ADD...Abdulaziz was diagnosed with borderline ADHD. Although I, as a parent provided for him all the support he needs at home, (Now you understand why I always ask why don't we have home schooling?) with the school is another story! actually with the whole school system in this country! whether private or goverment schools. They don't have the facilities to support children who are struggling with learning disabbilities or ADHD & ADD.
I highly recommend this book to parents with kids who are facing problems in behavior, struggling with school and concentration and disorganization. I found the book at Jarir bookshop before Ramadan.

Oh!!! Now this is one of my favorite cook books I've read in a long time. First it is all about Chocolate! Second with every recipe there is a story behind it ;) The recipes are very easy to follow, not the complicated kind with too many ingredients. I love this book! I found it at Virgins.


  1. el cook book will be ordered now nshallah :D

  2. the cookbook shakla eshawig! bs chan zain a7ib a6ba5:(

  3. I applaud you on getting your son diagnosed and accepting it!
    Many here are denial about the existence of mental and learning disabilities. I understand people would rather their kids be "normal", but being in denial won't change the truth.

    Thank you for posting this!

  4. Anon... Abdulaziz is a very canny child. Had to test him twice to get accurate results. The first time he wanted to impress the therapist, so he concentrated on the task demanded. The second time was few weeks later, and the therapist was astonished that he managed to deceive him!
    He can answer the hardest questions the teachers pose students in class, which did put me in denial at first, but after sitting with his, then, 3 year old brother, and having a very normal conversation, I realized there was something wrong with Abdulaziz, because at the time he couldn't concentrate on forming a proper coherent.
    While going through the process of testing for few weeks, I've also realized my child was the one who was struggling and suffering the most, even when he doesn't show it, it was an inner struggle for him. With the help of a child play therapist we managed to control a bit of the problem. The rest of problem is most teachers are uncooperative to help, and schools don't have the system needed to help kids with whichever learning disablity they are facing.