Friday, August 5, 2011

Ghabga At Le Notre

I received an invitation from Le Notre for a bloggerette Ghabga. I was so excited to meet the bloggerettes who are behind  their faboulous blogs. The Ghabga was hosted by Ansam :)

The ladies all looked chic and amazing
in their Dera3a's and trendy suits.
Since I was a bit emtan7a, it took me a moment
to connect the dots to who is who ;p

Now, let's talk about Le Notre. We all know if we have an event where we go to for an exceptional catering of food and service.
I don't know about you, but I, if I had special guests I wanted to impress in the country I take them to Le Notre for Lunch or Dinner.
So I don't need to say more about what I was expecting
from Le Notre when I arrived there because
they always exceed my expectations.
After greeting my fellow bloggerette and sat,
then I began to take in the whole table setting.
It was KOKO! I loved it! Loved the flowers the little
colorful tin pots filled with dates, pickles and chili, the candles.
Everything was so elegant and romantic!

As you can see, the table setting looks amazing.
I loved it and there were many snaps of the this table setting. 

 I loved the purple and gold set.
Look at my purple cups!

Here is my plate! I wonder from where they got them?  
I want a table set like this one in gold and red ;p

 By now, a lot of you have seen similar snaps of
this salad bar arrangement. But look at the colors.
I'm so crazy about those cool festive colors.
I love it! The Salads was super delicious.

 So, what's on the menu?

Selection from the Salad bar.

Kebbeh Jerrish
Sambousek Potato (I loved it)

Raviolli Mushrooms with Cream sauce (I loved)
Shish Barrak (was good too)
Mougrabieh Chicken & Lamb
Sweet & Sour Chicken (Good)
Ouzi with Vegetables Rice (Good)

Om Ali
Layali Ramadan with Apricot Sauce (Loved)
Testo Negro
Rose Ice Cream (I loved)
Cheese Kunafa with Honey Sauce (Loved)

Tea, Coffee, Soft Drinks

 Yummy Sambousek

 Ok. I want to know where these spoons are from,
and if it is possible to have them in red or blue.

 Mashallah the food was plenty. I didn't get to try everything,
I was feeling a bit full, but inshallah will make a second visit :)

 Shish Barak

 I love the plates the food was served in.
I have a mind to go to soog al 9fafeer and make me a set ;p

 There was a draw to a dinner for 2
and the winner was Me Blogging!


 Testo Negro! I've tried it before at parties and weddings.

 Rose Ice Cream and Rahash Ice Cream.
I like the Rose better. It was so cool and light. 

 Layali Ramadan with Apricot Sauce

 Chawaiha best after a dinner...
w 9a79a7ni shawaya 3ashan astaw3eb alwagt w alzaman ;p


Desserts to go from La Boutique

Lenotre will donate 10% of the proceeds to support Bait Abdullah during this holy month... Guests can enjoy the Iftar buffet and platters at Lenotre Seaside and for a good cause.

Eating For a good Cause :)
Thank you Le Notre & MMC Catering for giving me the opportunity to try their Ramadan Menu. Thank you Ansam, our wonderful Host! And Ladies, I had a great time.
It was lovely to meet all of you!


  1. i was very happy to see you :** il7imdilah we had fun :D

  2. Oh yes! al7amdillah we had fun :) let's do it again soon :)

  3. I loveddd seeing you babes, had a great time :*

  4. Same here LadyB :***