Friday, August 26, 2011

Eid Mubarak!

This year has been the busiest year during Ramadan, al7amdullah, my staff worked around the clock, to get orders ready to be picked up on time. There were days Fahad and I didn't get back home until the Maghreb prayers. Alf 7amdullah! Our efforts, in our small family business didn't go in vain, all our clients were very happy. Next year for your Gergai3an you might think about ordering a freezer for your party ;)

As you've noticed I haven't been posting very much. I don't know if I mentioned it before, but my goal was not to gain weight this year, and not to end Ramadan feeling bloated and uncomfortable like every year. No I didn't starve myself. I did eat, but I didn't cook much either. Cooking means I have to eat what I prepared, because I feel sorry for the food when it is untouched so I end up eating more. And we already get a lot of food sent from the big house, so what's the point in cooking, unless I was really craving a certain dish.

With all the draught and hunger epidemic going on in Sumalia, it was another incentive not to buy food which will go to waste.

I bought lots of fruits and veggies though. We had lots of salads and fruits when we feel hungry few hours after Iftar. Whatever desserts I did prepare, I keep a small portion and send the rest out to family and friends.

I followed part of The Diet Ninja's meal plans which he suggested on his blog Here and Here and Here!. I printed them and stuck them on the fridge. Thus so far, I've lost 3kg, which I'm happy about. Fahad thinks it's only water ;p Water or not, as long as I didn't gain weight or ended up bloated ;)

Ghabga! No…I only went to few of them. Actually this year I didn't socialize that much or went out, unless it was to a family gathering. The idea of having a Ghabga/Gergai3an party next year is growing in my head. Etha allah a7yana inshallah ;)

Ramadan Drama series… I really tried to follow something this year. 1- I didn't have the time. 2- I lost interest for some after the second episode and some after a week.
Fahad was following BuKareem…augh! Such a pathetic show, storyline taken from several movies and popular TV shows. Actually, at first, Fahad was watching it just to guess each storyline came from which movie or show, and because of actor Sa3ad AlFaraj, which he adores. Anywho…the series airs during a time when I'm in a listless mood, and don’t want to move from where I'm sitting, so I end up watching it even when it gets on my nerves because with all is going on…it really challenges my logical mind. I don't know, maybe it is the exaggerated poverty or excessive waterworks or the story which drags on and on. Now the show is supposed to have reached its climax, yet it doesn't make any sense to me. It is like the movie…"A series of Unfortunate Events" however the unfortunate events in that movie did make sense at the end. I just hope there isn't a part two to BuKareem.

Eid! So are you prepared for Eid? The boys are, they just need a hair cut which they will have probably tomorrow. Just imagine a Mohawk under their Qutra and 3gal ;p

As for I…I still didn't get anything. I haven't been anywhere near the major shopping stores and malls ;p The weather is too hot, and I just don't want to be suffocated in a stylish outfit! Much good did it do last year. I was all dressy in morning and after the third or fourth house we visited I had to get back home and change into a cotton dress before the family lunch. I feel this year is going to be hotter than the last :s

Yen3ad 3alaina w 3alaikom inshallah & Eidkom Mubarak to all :***


  1. 3eedich mbarak , I was thinking the same this Ramthan I don't want to gain weight but I did :/ even though I am eating less .

    Regarding 3eed preparation , all what I did is get me a top and I will were it with stylish wide legged pant , 3ashan elbaraad :)

    Happy 3eed and I wish u all the best

  2. 3eedich mbarak NewQ8 Bride!!! Eee abi shay bared albesa...wallah I'm thinking about a dera3a dress...bas kilish mo 7ag 3eed ;p