Monday, August 15, 2011

Gergai3an Gergai3an!

Few weeks ago I posted a sneak preview of the boys
Photoshoot for Gergai3an with the talented Hamad AlShayji 

These are the pictures I used for the cards.
The pictures were taken by Hamad AlShayji, Memoire Studio,
but the vintage effects were made by me, using

The picture in black and white with the back
ground color was done by Hamad AlShayji.
I just added a little bit of shadowing to it.

I sent the pics to Armando at Technographics,
who I've been dealing with for the past 12 years.
He is in charge of designing most of Gelato Italiano's
adds and posters, and he has been designing the Gergai3an cards
since Abdulaziz was a baby :)
I just explained to him what I had in mind, a folded card with their pictures on each fold and phrases from gergai3an chant,
and he took charge of the rest :)

Now the Story of the Gergai3an:
Every other year I make a Gergai3an for my kids and send it to my immediate family and close friends, in celebration of this festive occasion. I just enjoy it and always remind them… "eee mo bacher tegoloon omi ma sawat lina gergai3an yom ina 9'3ar! Ya wailkom!" Lol!!!

I tend to get drawn to traditional themes, which reflects our culture and heritage. Every Gergai3an I did in the past was either a "Sandoog Embaiat" or a "Bugsha" and once I did a colorful "Mini Zebeel". Two years ago, was hand painted boxes with scenary from old Kuwait by artist Thuraya AlBaqsami.
 Few months back I found these cute boxes which I fell in love with immediately and bought a number of them. They were made of latice wood in traditional designs such as AlDerwaza,
a Palm tree, a Bedouin Lady pouring coffe and a Mubkhar. 
I still didn't have an idea what to do with them.
All I knew I wanted something different this time.
 One evening I was talking with my sister and told her about my intentions, and suddenly the idea of filling the boxes with Gharaiba popped in my head. It is different, traditional, and unique and as far as I know no one has done it before. I pitched the idea to her and she was very excited and told me to go ahead with it.

For the Gharaiba it was simple, I knew who to go to for it. I called my friend Um Saleh, owner of Home Made Chocolates, which I posted about previously, and explained what I had in mind.
I sent her the boxes and she took care of the rest.
 The only thing I did was choosing the wrapping paper.

Here are the Gergai3an boxes they just arrived with
their multi colored wrappings
What do you think?
Cute boxes...right?

The cards attached to the Gergai3an
and ready to be distributed :)

And this is the amazing Home Made Chocolates
Gharaiba :)


  1. It was an amazing gerge3an hon, loved the ghraiba idea and taste so very much :*

    3sakom min 3owadah insaha2 Allah!

  2. Thank you for including me :****

  3. Danderma & Ansam...3alaikom bil3afya hon :*** we 3asakom min 3awada inshallah!

    Now I'm thinking of making a gergai3an for myself next year ;p

  4. 3asakom min 3awada:P eshawgooon il 9owar mashallah u should make an album/book. Dalal mara thanya goleeli etha 3ndich event astanis a36ii afkaaar i LOVE planning:p sawait 7ag wld 3ami theech ilsina slaal o da5l il sala 6oos o kl 6asa feeha shay oo lafeenhom klhom ib chmaq eshawgooon:p

  5. ooh nsait agoolich i posted the gelato:p

  6. Sugar Thanks honey w entay min al3aydeen w al fayzeen inshallah! 5ala9 you're on! etha allah a7yana inshallah I'm having my gergai3an party next year ;p You'll plan it for me ;p

  7. cuuuuute! smilaah 3aleehooom :D 5ooosh 9owaar