Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Gelato Italiano Platter

Yesterday afternoon my friend Um Nasoor called me wanting some Ramadan flavors in a platter. She sent a large bowl to the store and I instructed our employee to fill it with scoops of 4 flavors from the Ramadan range.
Her bowl filled about 4Kg of  gelato, and according to
her it was all gone when she served it during
her family gathering Iftar.

If you have a platter you want to fill. You can always bring
it to the store a day before and fill it with scoops of your favorite
flavors from Gelato Italiano :)
Tel. 22434434


  1. do u have delivary?

  2. No we don't at the moment, but I do suggest you pass by the store to check out the many flavors we have :)