Saturday, July 7, 2012

Summer So Far

Since the beginning of the summer, my kids got a very strong flu. First it started with Ahmed, and then Abdulaziz followed right after him and now me. I'm hoping Fahad will not catch it, inshallah. It is taking forever for us to recover. Ahmed started with antibiotics but they didn't do anything, he was given a three days of injection for the virus and the awful cough which takes his breath away and turn his lips blue from lack of oxygen. If you are a follower on instagram then you would have seen the pictures of my baby at the clinic.
 Abdulaziz is on his second week of antibiotics, he is doing a bit much better, alhamdullah, although the dry cough hits him hard in the evening. I'm giving him two kinds of cough syrups, alternating between the two and barely working.  
Now I am sick. Same symptoms as my kids had. I have an event today which I've been looking forward to attend but I had to cancel because my cough is so bad. I'm wheezing as I'm typing this post! Cough! Cough! I'm sick of being sick!

Adopting the Kesha!
Since I'm not socializing at all... so what's the point in doing my hair… right?
Well the reason I'm not blow drying my hair is I want to give it some rest by leaving it to air dry. It isn't nice when it's frizzy. I look like a mad crazed woman, especially when I lose my temper with the boys and my hair flying all over the place like the snakes of Medusa.
Well… not that dramatic.
Some friends told me about a couple of clinic which are specialized in hair therapy, I'm going to check them out. My hair needs rescuing it is falling none stop. Sometimes I want to shave it off and work on nourishing the roots and scalp and let it grow all over thick and healthy as it used to be.  What do you think… should I go a la Britney?

Apart from being sick, I have put the boys in summer school at KES. It is a four week program and unfortunately each of them attended only two weeks of it. Ahmed missed the first two weeks and Abdulaziz, if he isn't getting well soon he will miss a second week and last of the program. But they are having a lot of fun there and making new friends.
When I ask Ahmed "How was your day?"
He answers, "Ajeeeb!!!"
At home I'm concentrating on English since I have finally transferred them out of the French School. We are reading lots of books in English and I got them Summer Bridge activity book and we're doing exercises everyday… just keeping them busy!

Well that it's folks… just a short summery of what I've been doing and I hope you're having a better time than me ;)              

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