Thursday, July 12, 2012

A Very Dathra Party!

OMG!!! Yesterday I felt like a child who is excited to go to a birthday party!!!
You know how a kid keeps telling everybody "I'm going to a birthday party! I'm going to a birthday party! I'm going to a birthday party!"
Well I found myself in the same situation. This month there was so many events' I had to excuse myself from because my kids were sick then I fell sick.

I kept telling everyone I know, "I'm going to a Dathra party! I'm going to a Dathra party! I'm going to a Dathra party!"
I even told the bag boy at TSC… "I'm going to a Dathra party tonight!"
He didn't have any idea what a Dathra party is, and he had that look on his face which said, "Ooook! Crazy lady…. Go away!"

An amazing Dathra doll made by Jacquies artistic aunt <3

Anyway now you may wonder what a Dathra Party is. Well it is in Celebration of "The Chronicles of Dathra, a Dowdy Girl from Kuwait" volume 2, written by our one and only Denderma!!
Who is Dathra? She is a girl who has a big heart as much as she is big herself, and finds herself in situations whether funny, heartbreaking or just plain crazy!  
Denderma used to post every week a chapter then she collected them before the story was complete and printed them into a book. The book is written in English and some of the dialogue is in Arabish and there is translation to them.

An old fashioned "Dathra" dinner ;p

Now the party!!! It is a very relaxed gathering among sister bloggerettes. The atmosphere took us way back to the 80's – 90's, decorations music, food.

We were supposed to dress in dowdy clothes inspired by the nineties, but since it's my first girls outing and I didn't have anything which fits me from the nineties, I opted for a dera3a and wore some jewelry which I owned since the 90's. Others were more into the spirit of the party and were hilariously dressed in dowdy clothes. Wallah hats off to them!!!
Jacquies, brought with her a Dathra doll made by her fabulous aunt, mashallah, very accurate!!! And adorable!
The food was also Dathra inspired. Almost everything Dathra loves to eat… and the girl loves to eat!!! Now that I think of it… There was no McDonald's at the party!!!
We also celebrated Denderma's early birthday, with a cute fruit cake what we used to consider kash5a back in the 90's, brought by Ansam518. 
By the end of the party we had a small competition who is the dowdiest girl. Swera from Crazy Yet Wise won, Duddette was second and Jacquies came third.

Dinner with Sankist!
Love Sankist!!!

Yummy Elba... Kuwaiti style flan.
from AlNory from blog Nora.

Old fashioned candy from Denderma's table.

We all grew up with KDD ice cream...
and this takes me back to summers in Kuwait.

Do you remember this frozen ice cream?
can't remember the name...
but I remember early afternoons going to
the baqala and getting a stick when I spent
summers here in Kuwait.
My favorite was the orange.

Happy Birthday Denderma!!!

Jacquies pink boa!!!

Goodie bag! Yum!

When we left Denderma gave us some goodie bags… let's say amazing and dowdy goodie bags filled with old fashioned candies and chocolates… and a signed copy of the book.

Inside my goodie bag @@

My copy of the book...
and sweet Danderma signed it for me ;*  

Love you girl! Wallah ya36eech al3afaya for a wonderful evening.

 Pinkgirl Q8, Duddette, Swera, AlNory, Ansam518, Just Noon, Jacquies, The Side Talk and of course Danderma... it was lovely seeing you ;*** lets do this more often :)

You can get your copy of The Chronicles of Dathra, a Dowdy Girl from Kuwait - Volume 2 at 52 Degrees.


  1. Um 3zooz? Gayla 7g el bag guy mal TSC ur going to a Dathra party?
    Loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool tha7aktenee!!!

    I'm so SO glad you came and you were excited and had fun :*

  2. it was a great gathering wallah, everything was Dather :P & it was lovely meeting you dear, finally :*

  3. Thanks for picking me up and dropping me by ;) Love you Um3azoz - and we sure did have an amazing time at Danderma's

  4. It was awesome seeing you and getting a chance to chat up a storm! Hehe and I absolutely loved this post!

  5. Danderma.... Yes! I did! :D wallah ya36eech al3afya 3ala alyam3a al7ilwa...had alot of fun :***

    Swera.... Yes finally!!! same here...was lovely meeting you :***

    Ansam... Wallaw! Anytime :* Yes it was an amazing time ;*

    Jacqui... same her babe... had a great time... and thanks ;*

  6. nice post :D
    walla it was really amazing seeing all of u with this kind of dathra dress :P
    7da kan wanasaa 3asana dom enteyam3 3la 5er :*

  7. 5ooosh gathering! ;D sadly i wasn't able to be a dathra though :P