Saturday, July 7, 2012

Happy Chocolate Day!!!

I confess! I'm a chocolate addict… and the best chocolate… is warm melted chocolate! Pick any of your favorite chocolate brand and and melt it! Then dip your fingers in the bowl and enjoy!
Now if I had a choice, I'd post every chocolaty picture I found on the net! But these are only a few…
Best Ice cream: As a chocolate addict, it is only natural that I concentrate on chocolaty flavors when it comes to Gelato Italiano.
I can't say I have a favorite chocolate flavor because most are so delicious I can't make up my mind.
But when I'm in one of my bad moods, I reach out for the dark chocoalte Gelato, dark and very dense in flavor. And if I name every flavor this post will never end!

This one is milk chocolate with white chocolate marbel.

Favorite Cake: Again... it is the one I make. Devil's food chocolate from scratch not the not I! With very dense dark chocolate butter cream. So rich and creamy!
It has been awhile I haven't baked anything...
maybe I'll do something this week...
We'll see.

These are my chocolate crazed cupcakes from
 my bakery before I had to close it.

Oh!!! Don't I wish!!!

Yes... I melt chocolate and enjoy it very warm!!!
My favorite chocolate.... I don't have a favorite
I love them all!!!

 Of course ma yabeela! best chocolate milk goes to KDD Chocolate Milk!!!!
A childhood favorite and so my kids love it!
Now that I'm looking at the pic...
I think I will pour me a glass of KDD chocolate milk

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