Monday, May 14, 2012

Summer is Here With Gelato Italiano

Few weeks back our business suppose to participate in Alwan Exhibition at Dar AlFunoon. At the end, on the same day of the exhibtion we pulled out, because the old shrew 'qaleelat aladab!' who owns Dar AlFunoon, decided at the last minute that she doesn't want ice cream in her exhibtion house.  

Anywho… for the exhibtion we had some Yummy flavors which we prepared and small gifts prepared for visitors and my bloggerette friends who I was expecting to stop by.  

Since, we didn't get to distribute them, so we sent out the gifts out to family, friends and my sister bloggerettes.

These are some of the posts from the bloggers... enjoy them and hope you pay us a visit soon.

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Thank you and I hope you enjoyed eating them as much as we enjoyed making them ;)


  1. OMG !
    I was wondering how come I didn't spot gelato italiano at Alwan event :/
    Their loss wallah !

  2. All in all I was so saddened by the story of that lady who wouldn't allow you in at the last minute. I don't see how having gelato in the museum would have effected its prestige. I was really looking forward to meeting you that night and all her actions did is leave a very bad taste in the mouth.

    We did enjoy those beautiful lovely gelato bites in the end, they were delish <3 Thank you hon :*

  3. Lady B. Wallah the organizers tried their best to smooth things out... but the old hag the owner of Dar AlFunoon tharab mu5ha at the last minute. Wallah she earned a bad rep by her attitude because apparently it wasn't only us who she bullied.

    Danderma... The organizers and us were very clear from the beginning about our product and requirments. She didn't oppose at the time. Bas 3ajoooz na7s!
    w 3alaich balf 3afya. Glad you enjoyed it.