Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Iffy Moments

Ahmed in one of his Iffy moods like his mama ;p

I have been in an "Iffy!" mood lately. A reason why I haven't been posting much lately.

I'm there standing with you conversing and smiling, but don't you dare poke at me, or step on my bad side! Crazy Gemini will come out.

Like... few days ago at Marks & Spencers I was in one of my bad moods and was there just to calm down and brows through their stuff. I was standing at the swim suit section admiring a pair of tankinis, when this creepy woman stands beside me and started out of nowhere giving me a religious moral lecture! I was staring at her wondering whether to bash her on the head or yell or what exactly?! I look at her trolley filled with skanky lingerie. For a moral religious hypocrite she had taste! When she was done with her lecture, and I still didn't utter one single word, she was expecting me to fall on my knees repentant and crying and admitting my sin or my loose morals.

"Entay shako yal hypocrite! 9afi neyitich w 3a6ii mo7atharat 7ag nafsich yal skank!"

I'm not sure if she understood the word hypocrite and skank, and I was in a very bad mood. I called for the sales lady and told her this woman was annoying me! Iff! Iff! Iff!

Another iffy moment which makes me want to yell, is when people talk about the amount of money they spent on stuff! I find it very vulgar. My motto is "Quality over Quantity", or if the "WOW" factor hits me, it doesn't matter if it was cheap or expensive, I just get it. But talking about money and how much you spent on one cheap piece is very vulgar and very annoying! Iff! Iff! Iff!

I was going for a hair treat at a salon, and this hairdresser suggested I use a new treatment they just got. I explained I had a sensitive scalp and I prefer the one I always used. But she insists that I should try something different and the new treatment (yes more expensive) is so luxurious. Ok…I will try it just to get you off my back and let me relax!

But then after the treatment was applied, she started yapping about the products the salon sells! Give me a break! Again I informed her that I'm comfortable with what I'm already using.

"But you wouldn't know which is better if you don't use something different, and this product is very professional." She insists!

Same old broken record I've heard everywhere!

"Thank you but I'm not interested!" I snap. Really! whatever "Me Time" I was hoping for has evaporated! But do you think she got the message?

While I was paying and already feeling stressed out, she comes again carrying several products to show me.

I paid and left without listening to her! I love the hair treatment at that Salon, but I'm dreading my next visit. Oh! And that new hair treatment was awful not like the one I always use!

More iffy moments….

Walked out of a meeting last week. The guy I was meeting with wanted to teach me how to do my job! I know the poor guy was working his insecurities on me! And he wanted to know what kind of products I'm using!!! Excuse me! I didn’t get into your kitchen and asked the recipe of your signature dish! And why so sarcastic and condescending?

Taxis should be limited in this country!!!! They are out of control! First they are a big addition to traffic jams on the road and second, they drive as if they are Kings of the Roads!

Oh there is a lot more but this looks like a long post… enough for today! Glad ini nafaht 3an 3omery now I'm ready for Ramadan! Who is ready and excited?

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  1. Ew.. people like that piss me off when i'm out. A7is'hum ktharaw hal ayaam. Faj2a everyones a priest.