Friday, July 15, 2011

Um Abdulatif M7tara!


My Conclusion to this very interesting phone call is... Um Abdulatif is pissed off with her daughter in law!
It seems her daughter in law is a dalu3a and after the honeymoon is giving hell to Abdulatif :)  Poor Abdulatif!
and his mama is venting on the phone about now days
young women who choose to become individual
 beings instead of a shadow behind their husbands :)
Ya Um Abdulatif, I don't like to sound obnoxious, but my grandmothers (on both sides)  and their mothers before them and their sisters and cousins who are older than you are had servants to serve them and take care of their children! 
Yes, they did minimal work,
 like over looking and superviseing their house hold work
and looking pretty for their husbands :)
But not milking the cows and goats or whatever.
Sij mo 3aib almara tegoom fee bait'ha w 3yalha w rayel'ha.
 But there are standards to abide to.
Al mara alkhaleejiya 6al3a min bait ahl'ha em3azeza
w emkarema... mo ta5thoonha and expect her to be
5adma 3endkom bil bait!


  1. Shaku itgool 7ag that kid? O ba3dain itha tabi wa7da chithi chan itzawij waladha il5adama mo a7san? :P

  2. Shiftay shloon...ga3da t7achi bazer! w mistanis 3ala kalamha l2ana ehwa ba3ad mo gad almara l'em3azeza w emkarma!

  3. 9a7 ebdanich Lady B :*

  4. I effin hate that "tabee il maftoo7 oo ilmagha6a?" crap! I got it so much because I'm not mit7ajba.. such a stupid analogy!

  5. Walla shakila mo her daughter in law ildi3la.. shakiliha il khala di3la oo mo hayna oo its either her way or the high way...

  6. when you're raised in place where you did milk cows and all of the things she said you would say these things, and please remember not everyone is raised like your grandma some did work all day cause life is difference from one place to another she was a Bedouin. money,maids & not having to work in your own house is all new to her that why she is pissed.

  7. Anon...I am so sorry I forgot to mention that my grandmother is Bedouin... and I grew up in the home of my Maternal side of the family who are bedouins... and I know the way of life they lead, and saw the al5adam eli 3endhom.... La..Anon...believe me we women know when someone is Me7tara min chanat'ha :)