Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Ma Vie Ma Joie...My Boys!

 Since the school was out, I've been spending more time at home with the boys. Al7amedellah my work is flexible and I can easily do it at home as well as I can do it at the office.
Anyway, the best part of my day is spending it with the boys. Abdulaziz has been doing a lot of reading, as well planning a blog, a small business, and learning about nutrition.
Not to forget we're doing lots of revision.
The question is, why don't we have home schooling system in this country! I can see my kids are improving better when I work with them, ten times better in fact
than when they are in school!!!!
Here is Abdulaziz, working on his business plan at TSC, getting the prices he needs for his project :)  

Like father like son!!!  
Honestly I consider this calculator...

And Ahmed is getting in touch with his artistic side by making a Mosaic. It is a fun way in remembering colors and shapes, even counting how many squares and triangles needed. I thought he'd get bored quickly, luckily he finished the image he was working on and showed it to every member of my family and asked them to clap for him ;p

Ma agdar 3ala al concentrations!


  1. Looks like a loving family Masha'Allah. I agree home schooling is much more effective, but with the right parenting and the right rules of course. The mosaic's are lovely btw.

  2. Finally someone agrees with me about home schooling :)
    I'm planning to frame the mosaic once he's done with it and hang it in his room :)
    Thank you Kuwaitiful!

  3. Allah ya7fethhom wekhaleehom lich :*

  4. Thank you Ansam :*