Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A Day With Klue!

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If you happen to be at the Avenues yesterday between 12am until 3pm and noticed two mad women and a group of young boys dashing back and forth between phase 1 & 2, it was my sister and I with our two teams running around trying to finish the race of Klue!

Abdulaziz wanted to invite a group of his friends and wanted an adventure instead of the usual movie or arcade kind of outing.
So I contacted Dhari owner of KLUE and explained to him what I wanted for the boys. For one, I wanted a contained place. I didn't want to lose anyone while we're running around, although I lost Ahmed and his nanny along the way ;p
Two, boys will be boys, and they'll get so excited and do dump things and might hurt themselves.
He advised me to have it at the Avenues, big enough to give them the needed exercise, fun and sense of adventure, and at the same time it was a controlled environment. If, God forbids, I lost one of the boys, I had the wonderful security team at the Avenues to help me! Thank God I didn't lose anyone!
The rules of the game is to solve the Klues given and head to the next stage until we collect enough Klues to find the last stop!

Mohammed explaining the game and it's rules to the boys 

On the appointed day, we met at the food court. The boys were lectured on the rules of the game. We were allowed to call for hints if we didn't understand the game. They said we were allowed to have two calls… I lost count of the number of times I called ;p
We divided the groups in two and we started. My sister's team were ahead of us, Abdulaziz and his friend Abdullah panicked. I told them not to worry. It was better to start slow than to tire ourselves by the time we reach the end. Soon we found ourselves ahead of the second team. When I called my sister to check on them. "Et3abaW!" she exclaimed.

"Good news!"I tell my team, "The other team are getting tired!"
That got them all excited.
Of course there were a lot of backstabbing during the game and cheating. Eventually, when we reached the last stage, we began to panic! We didn't know where the other team was. My sister calls and asks me if we reached the last stage yet and where we were. I couldn't help her, I was afraid if I gave her a hint they'll be ahead of us.

Half way through the game, I remembered Ahmed!!!
Here he is calling me while on the escalator! 
 He had his fun at Magic Planet ;p  

Everyone is a winner! There are no losers at the end of the game! 

After several minutes running around and making sure the other team were nowhere near us we found our last stage!!!! And my Team WON!!!!
It was fun, a different way to break from your daily routine. Klue could customize your game to any place in the Kuwait, whether for adults or kids. I highly recommend it!!!

Last but not least! Lunch at Elevation Burger!
(This needs a whole different post for it!)


  1. Sounds so much fun, and Ahmed that boy kills me :*
    allah ya7fe'6ah :**

  2. LadyB... we had an amazing time!!! I highly recommend it!!! Ahmedan poor baby was completely forgotten!!! but he had his fun too ;p
    Thank you :*

  3. such a gr8 idea to keep the kids in shape and let them have fun at teh same time! N it's a new idea, very creative one :)

    waiting for the Elevation Burger post :D

  4. is something new to do!! by the end of the game we were so tired and dragging ourselves back to phase 2 for lunch ;p

  5. sounds really fun !!! ;D

  6. glad that you guys had fun :D