Wednesday, July 27, 2011

To Vimto or Not To Vimto

I love Vimto and I do buy it for the kids during Ramadan,
but I can't drink it all the time because it bloats me!
This is my alternative. I love drinking the
lemon crystal light during the day,
 it is so refershing mixed in an icy cold water.
I love Raspberry with dinner. These mixes
will be my Vimto alternative during Ramadan.
Unfortunately when I went again to
 buy some more it was sold out.
I went three of the Sultans around my area and I couldn't find it :s
I hope they will bring more very soon. 


  1. im gonna get me that raspberry one . . . addicted to this fruit :)

  2. If you find any just tell me where :)