Wednesday, July 13, 2011

No Parking Please

This is a pissed off post.

Where I live, we have a Salon in our building, managed by the lowliest form of beings from the Arab society (7thalat almujtama3 al3arabi!) I have never seen so much insolence and vulgarity in the persons who manage this place. I do not say this lightly! and I usually keep my judgment of people to myself, but these people really push you to be at your worst even when you try your best to ignore them. At first I used to ignore them, and they thought they can walk all over me. Being polite isn't an option in dealing with them.

Did I clash with them?? Yes!!! Oh many times, and when I'm angry…oh baby! You just don't want to be on my bad side!
Anyway! After many conflicts and wars between the neighbors and the Salon, they finally put a large sign, asking their clients not to park in the spaces reserved for the residents of the building.

But hey! Do you think clients heeded the signs???? NOPE!

 This is my favorite. I'm going to add Laziness to the phrase.
What do you think?

Once I came back home very exhausted, and found a car parked in my space. I send the building's watchman to the Salon and inform whoever parked in my space she better remove her car or call for a taxi to get back home!
They ignored me. So I blocked the car from getting out of the parking space with my car, she had no way of getting out. I went up to my place, showered had my lunch and was lounging with a good book when I heard LOUD BANGING! on my door… foug shainha gewat 3ainha!!!! She didn't ring the bell! She was banging on the door!
Big Momma is beyond pissed!!! And the berserkers blood which runs in my veins is boiling! I see RED!
So I opened the door with the scariest expression on my face!
"Na3am!!!" I snapped.
The girl literally jumped from where she was standing. I wasn't sure what or who she was expecting to answer her, and she thought by banging the door she would intimidate me??? ME?!!
"You are blocking my car."
"And you are parked in my space!" I wasn't yelling but my tone of voice was very scathing.
I could see her blanching.
"I didn't know we were not suppose to park there." She was shrinking in her place.
"There was a big sign in front of the parking space which say NO PARKING! Laish? '3abia? 7mara? Wela 3amya???"
"I'm sorry I didn't know."
"Wela ahalich ma raboch 3ala alsana3!"
She started crying! I made her cry!!! Did I feel sorry for her? NOT AT ALL!
"Sem3een Zain! In shfetich mara thanya ehni ma teloomeen ela nafsich."

 Some signs to inspire me.

 I think I'm going to have no parking sign
all over the building
 in every color and language :)

I don't know if she ever returned again to this particular Salon. As if I care. But it happened on several occasions with people (and women in particular) park in our spaces and we send the watchman to inform them to remove their cars but even...7thalat mujtama3 al3arabi…who manage the Salon do not inform them, unless I go there and start yelling at them, and these circumstances doesn't only happen with me. It happens with all the residents. It has become a very normal thing to hear yelling in the building at least twice a week. I just love it when I hear our neighbor on the 4th floor fight with them. He is the rudest w yebared algalb!

We did put chains and cones to block people from parking. It happened twice after I move my car and put the chain or cone, they remove it and park in my space. Once it happened right in front of me. I was waiting for a car in the middle of the road to move, instead the passenger gets out of the car and goes to the cone and removes it so their car can park in my space!!! EXCUSE ME! Al waqa7 fee ba3th alnas mo 6abee3ya!!!
So I've decided to make a bigger sign, maybe in neon and I'm going to say on the sign, "I'M NOT GOING TO BE RESPONSIBLE TO WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO YOUR CAR IF YOU PARK IN MY SPACE, YAL'3ABIA YALI MA TEFHEMEEN SHINO MA3NAT NO PARKING!"

When I go to the Salon, I make sure I don't park in other peoples parking space, and I'd rather park my car at the end of the street and walk than annoy anyone.

Wallah I'm a very nice person and polite too, but don't get on my bad side and park your car in my space… unless you are one of my friends ;)


  1. LOOOOL this is the most hilarious post ever :D

    lo ana mennech chan ma6al3t sayarty o a5aliha tenreze3 bel 5eesa weler6ooba sa3a wella sa3teen bnt ellatheeena!

    a9lan elli saweteeh shwaya! ana marra esheqa elli gbalna e9fe6at eb mokan 5arashthom hernat len 7ares elbeit 6ala3ly me5ter3 e2asherli ne6ry shway LOL!

    e6farty a7ad yasfe6 mokani

  2. LOL you made her cry!!!!!!!! ABbaih shaddala3!O Shako yaya le your place banging on the door! Qillat adab!!!

  3. It is enough I made her cry :)
    Honestly qelat aladab min hal salon al5ayes! allah yefeqna minhom inshallah! :s

  4. Ansam... sometimes waqa7at alnas surprises you!!! wallah qaleelat adab ehya and the others!

  5. reminded me of the time some guy wagaf sayarta waray oo sakar 3alay because I was parked in "his" parking (which did not have any chain/no parking sign/nothing). "His" parking was actually mawaqf el fer3, he just put up cham ma6'alla in the spots across the street from his house without any signs or indications as to who they belong.

    La oo shofay qellat el adab, he sees me, oo ashkara he ignores me and goes in the house. You should've seen the gloat I had on my face when he came running out when they realized the cops were here :D

    Come to think about it, I should check if the mathalat are still there so I report them as t3adyat 3ala amlak el dawla looooooooool

  6. Anon....your story is a whole different case. Actually I was asking around this morning if it is leagal to tow away cars here in K-Town. But really the rudeness and vulgarity in ppl are sometimes incredible!

  7. LOOOOOOOL! i think 3araft ay salon:p i live near by bs i park my car across the street aw ayiy mashi bs i stopped going there unless i need too tharoori mthl ma gltay the staff is rude they changed mu mthl gabl o not that clean its annoying me being the neat/hygiene freak:p

  8. Sugar... The rudeness comes from the owner of the Salon who also works there with her daughters! eli ma 3omera teba5ar...teba5ar w e7tarag! I don't go to them so I don't know how clean or dirty they are.
    But I saw them when they first got the place... and saw how they were emnatefeen.. w ba3dain 3ogob 6 month faja2 al porchat 9af6a 3end al3emara! allah rezaghom...bas al vulgarity mo 6abi3iya!

  9. The biggest problem in kuwait is the government being lazy in following up with buildlings. ilmafrooth buildings have basement parking for their residents... arya7lihom oo a7san for the street. And yes I agree... here people have no consideration for others... all they care about is themselves, as though no one has a life or feelings besides them

  10. Anon...Eee...wallah basement parking is a good idea! But where will you find landlords to have a vision...their objective is to build as much floors and rent them without considering the repercussions it will cause in the streets and to residents of the building.

  11. LOOOOOOL!! This is really funny! i would of done the same