Friday, July 1, 2011

Design Change

I'm bored... so I'm dabbling on some desings and backgrounds. So what do you think of what I chose so far?? Soothing blue, with white, green and a bit of orange..very summery, no? Not sure if I'm going to keep it that way. I guess I'll change it again very soon :)


  1. love the colors and the new theme... very fresh and summery

    change the font of the post though... too annoying to read!

  2. I changed the text..bas I don't feel it is me :) Maybe I'll need few days to get used to it :)

  3. I could get used to the new theme. But its extremely annoying to read more than a paragraph in this new font. :(

  4. Ansam Thanks :)

    Anon...There I changed the fonts again :) I hope it's more readable now :)