Thursday, April 1, 2010

Papa Jones or Domino's?

So Fahad and I passed by the shop at Ahmed AlJaber St. just for a usual check up. On the way back home we were stuck in traffic and saw these two cars in front of us! NOW... Fahad's favorite is Papa Jones regular crust Margarita with ground beef and green peppers, and I love Domino's thin crust Margarita or Margarita with ground beef.
We were placing bets on who is the best.
SO which is your favorite Pizza place and what do you usually order?


  1. wow...difficult.. i love them all :) i order usually from all three..dominos , pizza hut and papa johns...they all are good in their own style.. :)

  2. I usually do not like fastfood chain pizza places, I like'em thin and fresh out of the oven like in Harrod's Pizzeria *my best ever* or most of the restaurants in Italy.