Monday, April 26, 2010

Super Foods!

Super Foods in your Fridge!
Apples With a heart healthy trifecta of antioxidants, fiber, and flavonoids,
apples work to keep your ticker in top shape.
You know what they say, an apple a day . . .
Spinach is a warrior when it comes to fighting cancer,
promotes better brain function, and is an excellent source of iron.
Even frozen spinach will do.
Romaine Lettuce
The vitamin C and folate content make this a standout salad choice.
Romaine is the lettuce used in a classic Caesar Salad,
but I like this green with just
a simple dressing — the crunch is so satisfying.
Soy is a great way to get protein without cholesterol
or saturated fat and it's loaded with nutrients that have
been found to promote cardiovascular health. I don't like it.
Black Beans
Get your fix of antioxidants and fiber from hearty black beans.
For ease you can use canned beans, since soaking beans
overnight means you have to plan ahead — not always my strong suit.
I get the black beens from the frozen fresh section at TSC a
mix of health veggies from the Green Giant.
Bell Peppers When it comes to bell peppers, the question is, what doesn't the vegetable do for your health? From your heart to your lungs, eyes, and beyond, bell peppers give a powerful nutritional bang for your KD. Onions More than just a flavor enhancer, onions serve several aspects of your health: your gastrointestinal and cardiovascular systems benefit from the vegetable, not to mention its effect on cancer and your blood sugar levels.


  1. i eat almost all of them daily except Spinach..i dont like it.. and not a big fan of tofu.. >_< i kill tofu!!

  2. I love spinach... don't you eat spinach fatayer? I swoon over them ;p Yummy Yummy!!! But I don't like tofu it is just... uuuh!