Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Circle Trilogy

I like reading Nora Roberts when I have nothing better to read. Her books are what I like to call commercial books. They are very similar from one another but nevertheless entertaining when you read them, however, not the kind of books that would leave their mark on you, or think ...hmmm... I feel like rereading of her books. Usually when I'm done with the books, I'd pass them on to cousins and friends.

This Trilogy is a mix of Romance, Vampric and Time Travel. is a salad!!! It is about two brothers, one a sorcerer, the other a vampire, a witch, a warrior, a shape shifter and a scholar. They are to fight a against a Vampire Queen who is intending to end the world. Some travel through time and through worlds. As a main idea, it was interesting but I felt it fell short in the romance area.

I felt the pairing of characters forced into the relationship, boring in a way and unrealistic. In a short term of their relationship, the character's found themselves madly in love and until death do us part and can't live without you kind of love. Hmmm....did I miss a chapter here???

For the story, I felt there was still empty gaps and unnecessary dialogue. When an impossible obstacle comes and you wonder how they going to solve it, is solved by magic! Since both the sorcerer and the witch are powerful, they have unrealistic weaknesses. Some times it didn't make any sense to me!!!

Well, it isn't one I'd recommend to my friends. Nora Roberts did have trilogies which I liked in the past such as the Three Sisters Island trilogy, the first trilogy I've read for her and really liked it, but then the rest which followed are very similar in character traits, relationships and plot. If you have nothing better to read, send me a message and I'll lend them to you ;) I'm waiting for a big shipment of books arriving soon :)

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