Saturday, April 17, 2010

Crazy Weather This Morning!!!

These pictures were taken within minutes of each other!!!
I wake up this morning thinking... ah what a beautiful day!!! I'm going to call my sister to pick up the kids and take them out for a couple of hours to play and take out the crazy edge out of them, since I have other obligations. I haven't finished the thought when everything around me turned dark! As dark as night!!! I was disoriented for a moment wondering if I blacked out and woke up at night! But then the phone started wringing and it was my mother in law, telling me "NOT"to go out. Well I did, that's how I took these pictures and I was drenched from the rain!
Hmmmm now is it because of Global Warming?? Or because 2012 is nearing and with it the end of the world?? After the storm passed I had to go assess the damages at the stores. Al7amedellah... nothing serious.


  1. here i am,,
    back again,, it was a pleasure meeting you today Princess "D"

  2. ashwa aham shay the store is fine wela el jaw ma 3alaih sharha :p

  3. Mimi...The pleasure was mine!!! :*** inshallah we'll meet more :) walah aljaw ma 3alaih sharha ;p