Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Grand Sophy

Plot Summary
For the past several years Sophia Stanton-Lacy (known as Sophy to everyone) has lived away from England, following her diplomat father Sir Horace around Europe while the Napoleonic Wars raged on. Now that the Battle of Waterloo is over and Napoleon has once again been exiled, her father receives a temporary post in South America. Instead of taking his daughter along, he asks his sister Lady Ombersley to watch over his "little Sophy" and help find her a husband. However, "little Sophy" is nothing like anyone expected. 5'9" in her stockings, she is outgoing, chic, and quite independent. Soon after her arrival, Sophy realizes that all is not well in the Rivenhall household and proceeds to go about making sure everyone ends up happy (Charles no longer engaged to his spiteful fiancée, Hubert cleared of all debts and Cecilia married to the man she loves), herself included, through the use of some elaborate machinations.
The Grand Sophy is a regency romance. It was written by Georgette Heyer and first published in 1950 by Heinemann in the UK and Putnam in the U.S
Before I had my kids... if you asked me what would I grab in case of a fire. I'd answer without hesitation, my Georgette Heyer book collection! I have 50+ books, mostly the regency romance ones. She also have Mystery books.
Her books are romantic, but also hilarious!!! I'm rereading the Grand Sophy now. No matter how much I read them, they still make me laugh out loud. I like all her books, but I love the Grand Sophy and the Unknown Ajax the most. I reread them at least twice a year and they are sooo funny!!! Better than any Romantic Comedy. I just wonder why Hollywood haven't made a movie out of her books???

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  1. ca fait un longtemps je n'ai pas lu un roman!