Thursday, April 22, 2010

Gift Shopping

Arts and Crafts toys. One of my favorite kind
of toys I like to purchase for my kids and as gifts.
One of my friends got me this
knowing how much love these kind of games.
It is addictive.
Final wrap. Silver and Gold. What do you think?
I'm one of the mothers who hates useless toys! It is a nightmare for me when I walk into their bedroom and see the loads of toys cramped in their toy chests. Every now and then I clear those they lost interest in and give them away. When they go out with their aunts I always warn them if they buy them toys they better not bring it back home because I will just throw them away! You may wonder what I consider useless? Remote control cars, those expensive gizmos which the child will throw and lose interest in after an hour or so, weapons (which sadly Ahmed loves) and similar toys.
What I love? Books! but here they don't appreciate books as gifts, so I go for toys that would challenge and built the Childs character, such as Society Games like board games, puzzles, Lego and unfortunately we do not have this brand in Kuwait called Playmobile, which helps expand the Childs imagination and I usually order on the net. Similar to Playmobile toys are found at Early Learning. When I shop for birthday gifts I usually go for these kind of toys. Today I stopped at TSC for some last minute missing ingredient shopping and remembered Abdulaziz is invited to a Birthday party of one of his classmates. So I got her a couple of those arts & crafts kit boxes, where she'd make her own handbags and another designing a paper fan. They are very cute and I hope she'll like them!

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