Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Home Made Chocolate...Yum! Yum!

The other week I went out with my friend Balkis on few errands and then we went back to her home for dinner and a little gossiping ;p In the middle of our chatter she brought a platter of samples from her home business of delicious chocolates and I tried almost every single one of them. Yes... the diet went South ;p but honest I didn't over do it. Her chocolates were light and the fillings infused with lots of flavor and just can't get enough of them. I also sampled her '3raiba...just amazing and a bestseller. However, when I thought I was far far away from those yummy chocolates, I go to the family home for lunch and what I find??? A large box filled with a wide selection of Balkis's Home Made Chocolates, which my sis. Reem has ordered. I am doomed!!! I went back and forth trying every single one of them...until I found my favorite and just couldn't stop. I had to skip dinner that night :s Fahad liked the Rahash chocolate. It is pure yumminess!!!
Rahash chocolate is also yummy and Fahad's favorite.
That is my favorite! sha3arbanat (cotton candy) chocolate.
Biscuit and nuts... I liked this one.
Mango chocolate
I loved the chocolate '3raiba. It is tiny mouth watering
and can't get enough of it.
The most amazing mouth watering '3raiba I had ever tried!
Cute wrappings for special occasions
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  1. shaklaa 3ajeeeb! I havent seen this anywhere before! bil3afyaa

  2. boudoir... Allah ye3feech :) Wallah its good :) over the weekend I OD'ed on the '3raiba with chocolate ;p