Monday, April 19, 2010

My New Incentive

The 3 Club Triathlon will be held on 3oth of April
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I have always been fascinated by triathlons. I sit glued to the TV (can I say TV or is it now Flat Screen? Well whatever… you know what I mean) when it is played on the sports channel. I love it when human strength is challenged and tested. I just can't imagine the rush of adrenaline pumping in their blood stream. I want that high too!!! Now, Triathlons is brought to Kuwait by the 3 Club!!! Their first Triathlon will be held on the 30th of April. Will I join them? Come on let's be realistic! I'll drop on my knees at the first five minutes of the race! But it wouldn't be for this year's race that I'll start training. Inshallah! W etha allah a7yani w eb9a7a w 3afia, I will join next year's triathlon. I announced it first to Fahad and as usual he started laughing saying "It would be interesting to see you achieve it!!!" HEY! What does that mean? No trust in my ability??? Or is it some kind of reverse psychology? Well, to be honest, just thinking about it is intimidating. Can I do it? How fit and strong should I be to even go through the first phase of the race? I'm a very good swimmer, I love cycling, but I hate running!!! Do you think there is the "Dummy Guide to Traithlon" Book? Ah! Well I'm crazy!
Wish me all the luck! ;p


  1. The 3Club has a training program that starts every few weeks :)

  2. Thanks. I will check it out inshallah :)