Friday, April 2, 2010

Its a Hearty Saturday!!

I used Reduced fat Peanut Butter,
Skimmed milk and lite oil for frying,
just to reduce the guilt ;p
Peanut Butter & Banana French Toast, On Chocolate Toast!
Fahad and I are morning persons. Even on weekends we wake up early. We love our breakfast and lunches. This morning I decided to make Peanut butter & Banana French toast, drizzled with Acacia honey. I used by mistake, Chocolate Toast, from Bread Talk. I just grabbed the bag without checking the label thinking its brown toast, but it was still delicious! It was delicious but on the heavy side for me, I only managed to finish one half of the toast. Fahad enjoyed his very much!


  1. 3lekom bel 3afiya o teslam edech :D
    ooh hatha chocolate toast? chocolate toast made as french toast! I must try that!

    while i am not a morning person, my hubby is the kind that wakes up at 7 am o demands i wake up so we can have breakfast together :(

    i am posting my breakfast today tomorrow morning :D o shaklee baqaldich next week wayed 3jbnee il idea!

  2. Dandarma... Allah ye3afeech oo yesalmich!
    Yes this is chocolate toast from Bread Talk, its ok.the chocolate burned during the frying but still held its flavor.
    I will check out your post tomorrow and who knows maybe I'll copy yours ;p