Thursday, April 22, 2010

My Secret Lab

Few days ago my home ice cream maker just stopped
working so I headed this morning to Eureka and
got me a new one to Fahad's annoyance.
Let me tell you a bit about myself ;) I'm wife, mother and product manager at Gelato. My job is to come up with new recipes and flavors. For every flavor we have at least three recipes, just in case one of the recipe's ingredients aren't available in the market, we have a back up. Yes, most of our Gelato are made from scratch. Anyway, I used to be a banker, which I hated every single day of the nine years I worked at two different banks. My friends constantly ask me do I miss having a stable job? No. I do not! I love cooking, and coming up with new recipes and trying them out is a dream job! I'm also a self taught cook and baker. I have Wicked Bites, which I was forced to close for the time being because of location. However I still bake for friends or when I'm craving a delicious sinful dessert which I don’t find at any other place. The best place I like to work at is my 'Secret Lab', my home kitchen where all my equipments and ingredients are close at hand and away from the noisy machinery at the Gelato factory. So I'm going to invite you from time to time to my 'Secret Lab' and share with you (on occasions) the yummy stuff I prepare. Hope you'll enjoy them :)

1 comment:

  1. sweet "D"
    plz plz plzzzz let me be the first to watch you in ur lab :)
    i would love to see how they made ice cream